How to Save Tax Delinquent Property in St Louis

How to save tax delinquent property in St Louis

If you’re facing a hardship and your house in behind on delinquent property taxes, you might be wondering and typed something like, “How to save my tax delinquent property in St Louis?” That’s a good question to ask so be sure to read this blog post and we’ll share our best answer with you…

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Delinquent Taxes can be a challenging situation: it’s troubling, and emotions are running high. Most of the time, you as the homeowner have been paying a lower amount for years. Fortunately, home values have been raising and the increase in your tax payment means your house is worth more; However, in your situation if selling is not on your mind then it is just a financial burden. You might be asking”what if my house is up for tax sale in St Louis.

How to save my tax delinquent property?” here’s what to do…

Can I appeal my property tax assessment in St Louis?

The answer is yes. The city pulls data from the surrounding area and properties, this is done from external use only and does not factor in the interior of your home. You can appeal this process by stating your property is incorrectly assessed and that your neighbors or comparable properties are taxes less than you. Doing this may reduce your payment, make them easier to pay and save your tax delinquent property.

Interest and Fees!

The city understands that as the homeowner does not pay, interest is incurring. First they assess a 10% Fee in St Louis then more fees added the longer it stays behind. Each Municipality is different so be sure to check with your tax office to see.


More often than not each city has non-profit or charitable groups that will assist homeowners with disabilities or hardships by getting a deferment or paying an assistants to the homeowner. We offer a program to tax delinquent homeowners to support by pooling funds that are made available on a first come, first served basis and funds can only be given to one St Louis homeowner.

If you like to see if you qualify for assistance visit us Here

My house sold at tax sale St Louis: What do I do?

After a tax sale happens, the homeowner might be able to redeem the property. Redemption is the right of the property owner to reclaim the property by paying the entire sale price, plus certain additional costs and interest, after the sale so long as it is within the time period allowed by statute. In St Louis, The homeowner has one year from the date of sale to redeem the property. Generally, the purchaser at the tax sale acquires its interest in the property subject to redemption by the former owner. If the taxpayer does not redeem within the prescribed time period, then the purchaser acquires clear title to the property.

Can I sell my property in St Louis after it sold at tax sale? 

Absolutely! As stated above, you will need to do so before the one year redemption period in St Louis. Most times, your homes’ value is substancially higher than the delinquent taxes that the property was sold for. If you do not have the financial means to stop the sale or buy back the property after it sold then we would love to assess the situation and pay you what you deserve. We believe that if the homeowner can not buy back themselves, they deserve the proceeds more than the city or county!

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